Gdynia Poland

tel:+48 58 785 61 00
fax:+48 58 785 61 01

Rotterdam Netherlands

tel:+31 180 49 66 66
fax:+31 180 49 66 60

Qingdao China

tel:+86 532 8909 5712
fax:+86 532 8909 5705


DBS started life as a Dutch freight forwarder, geared essentially to the food industry generally and the milk powder business in particular but the group's profile has evolved into many other areas of transportation, products and markets. This is a direct result of a customer orientated policy which has allowed the DBS Group to grow into this diversity of disciplines, yet never losing sight of our commitment to service.

From being a niche break bulk operator / forwarder, DBS has developed into the Full Container Load (FCL) market securing service contracts with the main shipping line consortia in conjunction with strategic alliances with overseas partners and branch offices. We have grown from a parochial player in the Hamburg / Le Havre range into a truly global transport group.

This policy of encouraging the right partnerships and branch offices has given DBS an international dimension which only adds to our ability to meet increasing competition and growing customer demand. It is our policy to have our own operations in business areas which justify such investments.

DBS enjoys a first class reputation in the Dutch shipping community brought about by the very high standards it has set itself, a philosophy we are trying to impart to our branch offices and partners.
It is our ambition to create a DBS brand in our overseas network which is managed by local people but supported by the head office in Holland in terms of group buying power and effective financial management.

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