Gdynia Poland

tel:+48 58 785 61 00
fax:+48 58 785 61 01

Rotterdam Netherlands

tel:+31 180 49 66 66
fax:+31 180 49 66 60

Qingdao China

tel:+86 532 8909 5712
fax:+86 532 8909 5705

DBS International China Co. Ltd. (RO)

Qingdao – China.

DBS Qingdao is a member of the DBS Group.   

Closely linked to the other overseas offices in the DBS group, DBS Qingdao is purposely located in the Shandong province one of the major exporting areas of food products in China.  From this fast growing port in China, DBS Qingdao controls all the logistic needs of the group in the worlds second largest economy.

DBS Qingdao offers:

  • Freight management from any Chinese port, ambient and refrigerated cargo.
  • FCL/LCL  Exports and also Imports.
  • Inland transportation by barge or truck.
  • Airfreight.
  • Customs services for Exports and Imports.
  • Warehousing.
  • Relocation services including worldwide shipping as well as customs management in China as well as countries of destination.
  • Worldwide Marine Cargo insurance via European underwriters, we are licensed to issue original insurance certificates.

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