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De Bree Shipping B.V.

Ridderkerk – The Netherlands

De Bree Shipping BV Holland was founded in 1986 and is the group headquarters. DBS distinguishes from  “average” freight forwarding companies, as we constantly monitor the needs of our customers, create solutions and go beyond any limitation.
DBS is seeking to offer  a full package of logistic services,  covering any type of transport, or any type of supplementary requirements concerning customs, veterinary documentation  be it in the country of origin or destination.

DBS Ridderkerk offers:

  • Global freight management both Import and Export as well as Cross trades, FCL/LCL, ambient and refrigerated cargo.
  • European Inland Transportation, by rail road or barge.
  • Full range of in-house online customs services (ECS and ICS) for Exports and Imports including:
    - Export customs clearance and all additional documents.
    - Export refund scheme for dairy products including registration.
    - Import clearance  of dairy products  under special EU regulations.
    - Veterinary import clearance of foodstuffs of animal origin (dairy products, meat and fish). 
    - Import customs clearance including VAT representation.
    - Import customs clearance under special preferential regulations other than dairy products.
  • Worldwide Cargo Marine insurance via European underwriters, we are licensed to issue original insurance certificates.
  • Warehousing, export packing, supervision and value added services.
  • Airfreight.
  • Corporate Finance and Administration.
  • Corporate IT development.


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